just being ourselves

Feb. 19, 2019

sometimes we feel like somethings can not be forgiven, forgotten, or even believed. sometimes we think that no one can be mistaken as one-self, OR, to be mistaken by your thought of what my-self is to you.
don't get it twisted, this is not all to be shown as one's fact. it's when in actuality they are all lies to cover the truth up, anyway...
please, don't live to be your identity. but live to be seen as a new possibility. a possibility that no one can steal from you again. your idenity is a part that can be refilled over and over again ...
the goal: ...to be yourself...and, to become a "real talk"!

Feb. 8, 2019

There is a love for my sisters that I will never forget. I know I would never would have made it without them being there for me and vice versa. I am here now for you too! That's why we're here to help each other. All of us are changemakers. i know because I became the woman today because of them.