Sep. 17, 2012

try Him

there is something about being the first born female in my family. It is special when there are two or more siblings, who happen to be boys. when Moses was born, he was the first born male from his mother and  he was scheuled to be killed.  as a female and the first born i had broken my mother's womb.  Because of this i feel a greater need to step forward and allow lord, God's will be done. we can walk behind Him because we know He will guide our steps, forever. we can walk in His shadow because He is even more powerful when He stands in front us against our enemies.  He has told us that He loves us first! We should begin to believe that He knows everything and what He says is the truth. He can and He will set us free, no matter what station you are in your family, job, school or home. just try Him and see how His beauty will outshine all doubt.