Aug. 21, 2016

As I AM, Myself

many days as a young girl I knew I would find true love...
i once had a poster that said, "if you allow him to go, and if it is meant for you, it is a guarantee that he will return as promised."
i always let the "hims" go, not knowing that the real HIM - is the One that stays.
no matter how many times i try to let the others go, i knew that one or two of them will eventually come back. i would always say to myself, "i can do this all by myself, because i am worth it".
but it did get out of control,.
i kept holding on.
i kept thinking, "i am doing everything right", when in actuality God was setting me up.
no way will i ever pretend to think i can do it myself, even when i know it looks, feels, and sounds easy and safe.
i wiil always ask for all things through HIM first now.
i will be patient and wait for HIS answer i am in need of.
i know that HE will take AND lead me,
just as i am, being true to myself, as me.