There are many things I can say about myself.
And what you may hear or what you have read about me,
it is still never enough to show how I arrived at this place, at this time...
My life describes me as a living "survivor".
How about you using some of my resources here, starting today...
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Go ahead...
You may submit a question that only a different answer may or may not suggest a happy medium...
Thanks for visiting " a Goddess' goal" by JEAN'S 👸.

... & with all of my baggages

...I was more in control in my past life than I am now that I know more. But as you grow into maturity you can obtain a lot of your's and all other's baggage.
Do want some of mine? I'm pretty sure you can carry more if you can contribute to a cause that will beat the quilt of defeat.

the same colors
all the same purpose
if it's broken, don't fix it
bring out all your troubles
and leave it at the door of success !

his colors of me

when i fell i thought you there to catch me in all my many colors, with all my different baggages...

my me to you

how about a mint julep flavored iced tea at my house?
come on, take a seat on my front porch, handsome!

I don't derserve your love for myself, Sir!
...but I'll give you all the praise anyhow!
Praise your Holy Name!

And I Then Spoke UP...


Kind regards