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❤QuEsTiOns  unanswered?❤ 

"Feed your faith with knowledge and believe that all those doubts will eventually starve!"

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My Question:
#1. "And, you're name is?"
*( now remember facing your impression of what you are trying to express to others about the true you,
can be foretold as the truth about self as you may know it.
it can and it will make a difference on your other questions, you see.)

The real Question to you from me, will be then:
#2. "What is this truely about?"

...a small dreamer's dream when I thought about you...

We always think that the answer to life's question will be answered when the time belongs to us. Timing is ensured and released when the pressure can be readjusted to fit His own favor. His point will be made and it will be pointed directly at you to receive that answer to that unknown question.
Be. Ready.

let's talk...

Lavonia J Wilkins

"the anger can be blown away when the fear of the unknown has been recognized"