another year...let's get to work!

“Life without God is like an unsharpened pencil - it has no point."

don't you know?

Many years we see how life begins and how it may end if we are not careful. But by the end of the year, we can reflect what this year has brought forth and how the upcoming year can bring a new direction....
All and all, we should take this time of the year with the joyfulness, wisdom, peace, and with the love
...a cheerfulness!
And to those who would like to share this with you today allow them to do so with open arms.

never to forget...

there are some things we  must never forget: a lost love, our favorite toy from years past, our first car, the first day of school, and etc. these things has shaped us and has made us to be the person we are  destined to become one day. because of this we grow -up and learn most things are just that temporary. in life, we must learn to trust in ourselves more and believe this is what the Almighty God had wanted for us from the beginning. it is great to be alive today because nothing and no one is promised to us until we learn to be more patient with ourselves and with those who has always shown us how to be loved. we are not perfect and we can not be perfect until we have been judged accordingly. so, begin to return that love so we can make this world a better place. thanks!


Merry Christmas


homeward bound

The Wizard, the Holy One, my father, my husband, my professor, my preacher, my teacher, my uncle, my grandfather...these are the people that helped build my foundation in my life's journey ...they led me in knowing what home was...but as a woman grown ... its the warmth, the smells, the tears, the fears, the glowing essence, the first and the last bite of something scrumptious that makes my house a home...its a resting place...a place that has now many foundations of solidarity...there is nothing like it...home!

Trusting but never ending