some say to me, " you look better in a dress" or  "you look just as good from the back as you do in the front".  do you know what i say, "thank you!"? simply, "thank you!"

I don't know why this is so, but my hips and my legs, i received from my mom. my shoulders and my face comes from my father.  my  arms from my great aunt. many pieces of me, are from someone in my family. my family is like this world, you see.  there are all types of personalities, genders, sexual preferences, colors, nationalities, education, money, power, poverty, judges and rulers. i have no choice but to deal with the world as i do with my family: with gritted teeth!  😀

i can never be perfect because i live in an imperfect world and i come from an imperfect family. there are no rules or lessons that can actually be taught on how to best raise a child when your own childhood has been in question many years ago.

a squeeze on the breast or the buttock. a touch or an unwanted kiss in the wrong place. yes, these things has happen to me but i am a flower child, we children loved like this innocently within our families. but it is not so innocent when you scream, "no, no, no" repeatly and everyone pretends that the voices are not screaming for me to help. so in that steadfast,  you turn over and you just wait for your turn. so when molestation, incest, unwanted love jones  turns a "no" into a "yes, ok...i won't tell". that's when acceptance steps in and another page has been  turned and you live your life this way instead. you begin to see the world differently but it's really all the same. so then  begins the chain to no end... "insight".

it doesn't matter who's turn it is, when you realize it is the one who can comfort you the best happens to be of the same sex then you are labeled as "gay".  gay, homosexual, all shades, or just down low. just be upfront with it all.


it matters!