Jul. 7, 2016

pass the ball !!!

in most of us, we beome to know ourselves when we see ourselves in others. we make mistakes but we look at others as if they are the ones that is crazy.  we have the nerve to shake our heads and say to ourselves and to others, "that is one crazy  @%$_ --!) %#$"! But what we really want to say is, "I was going to do the same thing myself but somebody talked me out of it".

what is really more crazier than that is: we didn't even recognize that right at that moment there was an opportunity to lead that special someone to an avenue that was best suited just  for them.

maybe you've been there before, hummmm?

my question is: when do we stop pointing the finger at others but instead point our fingers upward 👍?  that is, if we can remember...

or maybe we should wait for that tap on our own shoulders to arrive again.

if we don't stop it -it will never happen for us or to us either.

later, homelessness!