Oct. 17, 2012


In the beginning, was Our Lord God Almighty.  It was Him that created the Heavens and the Earth.

In this new generation:  the gospel,  has  stated that life really began when Jesus Christ was crucified. It was His blood, that was shed  in order for us to be saved.

Actually, it was Jesus Christ, that  showed us that in Him, we can then be recognized as an Ambassador for His Higher calling. Continously being conscious at all times of the walk with Him. To reflect on His image. To allow others to see ourselves  in Him,  too! We can begin to  live again. To do this we need to leave our ignorance of not knowing or caring in order to live.

In history, we can find out that Our Lord God Almighty  has been here for just over 15 thousand years ago.  We can  then  trust Him, when He  corrects us. It is because of love , His love,  will be then  be revealed.  I believe this is true!

So let's us  grow together as well.  We need to hope again. And, maybe, just maybe, will be able to do it right this time