what r u saying?

Jun. 13, 2019

words, or the signs, or any of your gestures, or the many frowns you have just for me, and with the smiles they all can not stop me from taking off your blinders of lies...

Aug. 28, 2016
Aug. 28, 2016

leaving home for school for the first time as young boys was not an easy task for me to bare...

leaving home for the 1st time to go to work, was an eye opener for me. there are new possibilities that my sons will become responsible young men...

but now you are leaving home for another woman.  who you say you wish to marry. she will become your wife and i will no longer be your #1...

so, my sons, who own my heart...

let's dance today and celebrate the joining of a new family member. she will become my new daughter-in-law and to you- your new wife...


Jun. 25, 2016

trust and believe we must look back. what we see is not what we thought would become our present. sometimes just knowing that the future will become better one day soon makes it more confusing...
" how did I get here?", you may say to yourself. "how do I get out of this?", "why did I do it that way anyway", "I know, I'm going to blame this on somebody . I just need to figure out who" .
"I coming baby... mommy loves you..."

Nov. 27, 2015

1. GOD, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit
2. Yourself, your children, your spouse, your mother, your father and others
3 Not pursuing happiness, joy, freedom, love, wisdom, jobs, health
4. Living for tomorrow
5. Acceptance
7. Being or becoming obedient
8. Smiling when there is nothing else to say or do
9. Trust, patience, respect, faith, and dreams
10. Those who rather love you than hate you

....then, I don't like you either"