what r u saying?

Aug. 19, 2015

"Jesus said, ( Mark 9:23)
"If you can believe that all things are possible to those who believe in him", then you can believe there will never be an impossibility when his name is called out when his saving grace is needed. The word "impossible" then should never be a lone word. It is without 1st believing that in you it can become a "not possible without any fruition" into "I'm possible there was never a doubt!"

Nov. 16, 2014

Just because i have lived
does not mean i have forgotten about u.
Just because you are dying
does not mean i have not, also, forgiven u.
Just because we were taught the same things when we were younger
does not mean i have to go the same path as u do now that we are older.
Just because i, also, have a brother besides u
does not mean i love him any more than i love u.
Just because i am older than u and plus a woman
does not mean i never can see u as another man probably would.
Just because i will live a little longer than u (hopefully)
does not mean i will be forgiven things that will be buried with u.
Just because i have no money now
does not mean that there is no greater treasure than the love that i have for u, my brother.
There is always something so precious that a brother's and a sister's love have for each other that no one else can share.
There is nothing for me to do or say
that will ever unbury our friendship that we have maintained for each other.
It is because of u that i have found him...
Thank you, Jerry, Jr.,
i love u then, now and 4ever more!

Feb. 23, 2013

nobody means more to me than you.
sometimes i wish that i met you at another place,
in another time.
i wish when i did find you that you had not already known
i wish i can be a better me for you.
but as i said many times before, "i am the best you will ever receive".
please, don't believe the hype that i could not begin to love you the way you deserve.
all you should believe is that you had me at "hi, beautiful" and i was in!
how about we go and have that cup of coffee?
we can just talk about it, hmmm?

Oct. 24, 2012

when u r 2 afraid 2 go there, maybe u should just leave a message...

Oct. 18, 2012


"just becuz U r down
does not mean U r out!"