Jul. 29, 2020

color blind

what do u see? a picture? a image? a visual headshot? a mirage? a dream?
it is my perception that makes me want to show you my impression of my picture..
it is an image that I want to portray as myself...
it is a visual headshot that just shows a small piece of the whole...
it becomes a mirage when what I see has nothing to do with what you see...
I just dream...

Did You Forget?

No words can explain a mom's struggle. All you have to do is to look into my eyes, or count the lines around my mouth, and you understand how wisdom has brought them there.

I can see you much clearly now, with my bifocals, you see. I just can't remember how I was sitting at the foot of the stairs, trying to decide if I was going  to go up or was I going down the stairs that day?

Or, how I had went to refridgerator so many times in one day. I mean, I could not remember if I ate dinner or was it now time for breakfast?

I was explaining to you just the other day, about those cramps in my knees, brought on with that bout of arthritis. It had stopped me  from walking this week (which is my favorite past time, you see).

Even my writer's hand, my wrist keeps tightening up. I know its a sign to get up and get some rest properly. I love  to write.   It keeps me from being bored.  I may forget to speak to other friends of mine for a while. They are too many that now live among the dead.

So this is why I write to you because I may be getting more forgetful than usual.  Sometimes I may get things all mixed up with my words or with my thoughts. All I am asking is if you can just give me a little more time to sort this thing through. I want you to know as well, these are the signs to look for in the aging of me. 

I want you know too, that I love you and I wish you were here. But its almost my bedtime, my dear. So I"m going to say "Goodnight!"

PS...Freedom will come when there's that knock is sounded at the door. Its you. You came to  tell me, " Just stoped by to check on you.  Making sure if you are ok?"

What a testimony of what you mean to me. So I will stand beside my mailbox. My face is now so rosey and dewy, because I just mailed you a letter.  You will not believe me, if I had told you a thousand times...

I had went and opened that letter right back up... 


I thought it was from you!

Luv's Remedy

we sometimes look at love like a science project. a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and whalah a masterpiece: a love like no other. a truth that can be solved by processing what your own imagination feels it should be. a type of method to obtaining the correct formula of a world between you and whomever is there at the moment. truly love can be formulated by how your gut feels. by the mind's thought process. by the tingles that starts in youre joints. the asipirin that can not cure the pain when the tingles becomes shock waves. do not fool love for lust, though. lust is instantaneous. all feelings are there at once. its a "pow". a punch that will not be relieved until the ache has been soothe. once it has, there will be nothing else needed. but if you are walking away from this satisfaction and someone has turn the corner and gave you a smile. a smile that if you smile back, there will be no more teeth 😬 in your mouth... a realization begins: there is none.
because someone else is now holding that key to a lock that they can only they can open, right now...
just a thought

I can hear it too!!!

my dance and your dance may look the same. but you must believe our ears are hearing a totally different rhythm...

the imprint of her own footsteps


Sometimes the smile that eases onto our face is a smile that is made intentionally for the purpose of becoming more gentle with ourselves and with others. The gentleness replaces all the anger and takes away words that will not hurt you no more. The words may be just a few but when they come out... it comes out so easily. Its like opening your eyes to a new Sunday morning and having brunch by the one who will love you no matter what. Doesn't that sound pretty easy to you?

Never a color but a race.

it's all natural, baby!

It takes a village to make a legend remembered. It also takes a real Woman who is not afraid to stand before the world to admit that class, respect, and obedience comes naturally!

The Hunter

"Some people are always grumbling because roses have thorns;
I am just thankful that the thorns have roses."
-Alphonse Karr

ride. and. roll.

any takers????