waking up to "enuff of yesterday"

Wake up you SLEEPY head to a anew dawning of possibilities.

the shoes i'm in

those feet are made for walking...
but you need to make sure those shoes are looking... AWESOME!!!!

Aug. 19, 2016

What Time Is It?

a great time of the year to enjoy the sun.
just to sit on the front porch or the back stoop
listening to your neighbor yelling at her dog,
or maybe,
it's the other the neighbor with the bad muffler on his car that continues to wakeup the entire neighborhood.
there is nothing like it
so enjoy and rejoice...

marriage materialistic

to fit in-> you must have a category that lists the size, the color, the maker, and the event's theme. it's also the purpose of making a difference to those who will need to go through it themselves one day.


perfection to the eyes of what beautiful is, will be just that - for your eyes only.
what may seem to you as extraordinarily beautiful but may to others just simply okay.
and to me, i may see that your interpretation can only undermine my own interpretation of the same view.
so be encouraged!
with wisdom comes -> communication. by speaking to one another a vision can eventually come together and form a masterpiece!

sometimes i can look at a new discovery and feel like no one else could have seen this like i just did. but by me living day by day on my own particular journey... i can honestly say, "yes this may be true. no one has traveled my road that i've been on. i seem to always find the remnants of those of long gone past who seem to have made it easier for me to get through these times."
so now, to make it easier for those who are traveling on their own personal journey that i have already traveled. i must point to the One who all of our futures depend on so that it will not look like an evolution gone haywire but hopefully a revolution that just had a purpose.

is the truth really what you want to hear, right now?

Please believe we are much more advanced now than we were then. It is because of this that we are writing to you today. The bible is “Blessed!” That means if it is blessing that means it is the truth. That means if a blessing comes your way, that means because of your truth you were blessed. Now to break that down a little further for you…you need to understand that when you are trying to reach a goal in your life and there are no obstacles.  Because of your belief you are now headed to your truth and the truth becomes your belief, you see? All your beliefs come through Jesus Christ Our Savior. He comes to you when it would seem that no one or nothing seems to be working correctly. So, if He gives you a choice and He holds out His hand to you. Do you take it? The choice will be up to you.   




"Our Lord God Almighty, Ruler of all worlds near and far, keeper of all of our hearts and souls, provider of the seen and the unforeseen. The Leader of this world, that we call Earth today...Thank you!
Thank you for the beauty, the joy, the love, and the reflection of yesterday's memory which helped prepare us for this day's journey.
So again, with a glad cry of greetings, "Thank You!".
Thank you for the insight that when we were awaken we still had our right minds, and prayed a prayer of forgiveness for those who will not be able to know the difference.
We can now have another chance to enjoy Your Fresh Fruits of Spiritual Awareness again today, o Lord!
Thank you for the ability to see You in everything that catches our vision on this day.
Thank you for saying "NO", when we really are seeking " Yes" for all answers to our needs.
Thank you knowing that somethings must end today.
But, "Thank You", again for new beginnings that can be reinvented again tomorrow.
It is only a seasonal moment in Your Own time table, we know, but to us it is a lifetime of hard work.
So, we are exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to provide this mission prayer to You, o Lord!
We pray that others will come forth to help find our "lost ones", who are also Your Children. They are seeking to come nearer to You, we pray.
We all are grateful for this insight, the foresight, and the invite to Your sacred House of Worship. Thank You in advance for this blessing!
We can now bestow on someone else this love we have for You.
To the best of all our ability, we will give You,
all the Honor and all the Praise, that is in Your Majestic Presence above all others.
So with a soft breathe we will say, again, again, and again, " Amen! Amen! & Amen!""

  • Calling all cars...

    On today's news report:
    It is known, in order to remain a responsible civilian in today's world, you must have some type of confrontation with an police officer or another type of law enforcement that is currently in your jurisdiction.
    But, you also must realize that a crime you may have had committed will not be released until it is punished by law. If it is allowed to go unsolved without a judgment it will give you a clear avenue for more discord, later on.
    So, for everyone's "safety" and for a "peaceful state of mind", let's try to keep away from those things that may leave us facing a judge or a pistol or jail cell bars or even doors that has been or will be permanently closed to you. Let's instead try... with a clear assurance that on this day -> "I will end all the troubles that has been continously eroding inside of me. I will try to release this pressure in me by pushing away from those, who believe the erosion is in me and not in them. Instead, I am not going to give into ANYTHING OR ANYONE who tries to make me feel better. If I have to take myself outdoors and scream until I am blue in the face, then so be it." Because you should never, ever, give up * you* to feel safe. That would mean you have just given up to stay in!

To my uncle : Mr. Carl L. Harris, Sr.

No one will ever understand how your
death brought me a reason to speak.
I did so while you laid in your coffin asleep.
Everyone was invited to this tremendous event.
Because of you, my voice allowed you to rest.
To my uncle: Mr. Carl L. Harris, Sr. you can go now


make the pain go away forever

happy birthday, baby!

❤this day is the day you were born. this day is the day that makes me say  "thank you, my Lord, for making this man just for me!" do you understand? i love you. there is no other reason. it is just because "i do." magic words: "i do!" with him i must say I do, so he won't. he must say " I won't" so that I will. doing these small things makes us both happy, you see.

as children we pray for this to happen to us, love, that is. and as adults, we forget to say, "thank you" every day. we must do this so that God can see how his small gift to us has made both of us happy. even if it becomes temporary. nothing is guaranteed to become forever these days. but, "thank you", because for me it is, enough!

I want to say, "yes, I do" for my birthday present, just so you know.

I hope you enjoyed your "gift", because I did.

bcuz, I can't stop crying out for you

things that make the EARTH shake!

Feb. 21, 2015

a slave who becomes king
a rebel who prospers
a mother's and father's love for a newborn
a bitter woman who finally marries
a servant girl who marries her mistress' husband
locusts that swarm as a group but have no leader
ants that carry much food in the winter, while bees do not
Hell, no family, no support, no respect, no trust in one another, not having a significant other... ever, a barren womb, a barren desert with no sight of water, fire, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes
a spider that kills and then can be caught in its own web
avalanches, evolution, a volcano's eruption
a king who allows his queen to lead
apartheid, slavery, molestation
a just man or woman who will allow justice to be done to them
abuse, disobedience, intentional lies, sin, the unknown, seeing LORD ALMIGHTY GOD'S face, satan, the expectation of the unexpected, money and the lack of it, no wisdom, tears, fears, worry, doubt, strife, smiles, a babies eyes opening for the first time, laughter, birth, death, no common sense, knowing too much to soon, not knowing what's up... ever?
And then, watching a man's eyes with the growth of his love for a woman!

Nite...Nite...dont let the bedbugs bite!