Jul. 11, 2020

Calling My Name: Respectfully Yours

Trying to become a woman in a man's world its like being a nut in a world full of squirrels. It is when you do not see no difference in any one of us... it will cause us to be silent...and far too long... It's when we loose our voice to speak, up or out...when the worlds becomes not even ours but whomever's, just to make you deal the next hand going forth ... l mean, who can possess it first, that would be the concern ...the ace is in the hole of all the spades in the deck of trade offs... that is ...of course, when that taste of defeat is now bitter sweet and it leaves that after taste that you can never forget or forgive..a taste that has no smell...Save my name please, it's not yet to be deserved or to be desired ... JEAN'S 👸