"dReSsEs & mOrE " by JEAN'S 👸

20.00 USD

having a summer ☔ shower for a "new -bride- 2- be"? are you in a bridal party? Or are you the bride in this question? well, here is a "✋ Hands- up" by JEAN'S 👸 for summer. you must hurry...time is the essence! Gowns, dReSsEs, Accessorizing, it's a must have for a New Bride!

Delivery: 14-21 days (business days only)
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P.S.: *Don't forget to ask about "Accessorizing" that original look! *Gift cards and gift baskets are now available for purchase. Adding the items are simple as placing any additional orders into the shopping cart. please always supply any requests or pertinent information in the comment section of the order form * telephone numbers or email addresses must be supplied to complete your orders.