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On this page you may want to ask a question by email only and receive your reply from there. It would be just you to me. This will incur on a charge of $5.75 plus sales tax of 9.25%. Shipping and handling will be applied to all questions on this email. For additional questions for the same email, there will be a $3.00 fee. To each additional question that needs an answer, there may or may not be a need for an answer so word your questions specifically for the answer that is in referenced.

Delivery: 14-21 days (business days only)
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Take your time and explain your reason for the answer requested in detail. This can eliminate some of many charges. Again, my email address is: agoddessgoal@gmail.com. Or, you can just submit your information in the comment's section on the order form attached. REMEMBER: All questions about your concerns that can not be answered, please place those items in the shopping cart above (next to the menu button). All orders will be placed on the payment processing email: lavoniajvasser@gmail.com. A reply will sent to you to confirm that your order was processed properly. Thanks!