in His eyes

Dec. 8, 2020

a Goddess is revealed when you happen to be the one who has to finish me. it's what a true awakening is to both of us. its a melody. it had no stop 🔑 key to press. it's hearing a noise that has no sound but forms a melody of the sweetest high. from an indescribable persona of a nobody to a true awakening of a somebody. the knowledge is a goal with a purpose that has to become a searchable wish. will the having you next to me again really make "a Goddess' goal" a success?

Jul. 31, 2020
Apr. 8, 2020
Nov. 5, 2019

words put together correctly can melt your heart or bring down generations of hatred...
when the results can be seen as love... only!
its the willingness to forgive and love afresh, anew again...
to be taught...
(I'm ready)

Apr. 13, 2019

there are no labels that can describe all of you..
by doing this-=> existing=->it becomes enough!