Mar. 14, 2019

endurance vs perseverance

I may be a little old fashioned. I mean, I prefer writing on paper, than typing a memo online. Writing a letter or sending a birthday card, instead of text messaging or emailing. I prefer having a true conversation over the telephone than by using Facebook messaging. Still awaiting for a reply back, oh, by sometime next week.
So to me, if a bow and arrow shot by a woman can bring a powerful man down to his knees seeking death, I will say to myself, "You Go Girl!".
Whereas with a man, who still may prefers to use a rifle, that holds only bullets, in order to shoot at woman to her death on her back, I will probably say, "Hey! That's not fair!".
Actually, I can prove that a woman, who is faster, more beautiful, and can really accomplish several feats at once... can do it without even blinking. She can probably win a battle against a strategically trained soldier of war at any time.
As long as you don't break one of her fingernails or mess up hairstyle that took two hours to do, all in order for her to have dinner on the table by 6:30pm.
Let's put it like this, a man has only one goal, that is defeat the power, control the territory, conquer, and devour all else.
Of course, in this fight... man...the winner...takes all.
You know how this game is going to play out, right?
All I can say is, "This is how the battle begets the war of the sexes!
Let the fight begin!"