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"a Goddess' goal sToRe"

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printable listings of updated prices: Price
coffee mug $12.00
tshirts $25.00
carry -all bags $20.00
dReSsEs $20.00
Gown $25.00
"Puzzles-Pins-n-Things", by JEAN'S $30.00
journals $15.00
AnSweRs - n- a - bLoG? $8.75
QuEsTiOnS unanswered? $5.75
add an additional question. @ $3.00
JEAN'S Butz Bags $50.00
gift wrapping $10.00
USPS stamps. @ $0.55
online shipping $10.00
rush shipment $15.00
International Shipments $20.00
Terri Lynn. (1lb bags or 1 lb tin canister) $10.00

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