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When we forget how we became a woman after Eve had left the garden, we learned to become a woman with a calling. We are called "a little girl", "prostitutes", "unwed", "wife", "a divorcee", and more. But I do like the words "virtuous", "a Proverb's woman, "a goddess", "a queen", "beautiful" and etc....these words brings all things together, though. We actually are not called just one word, we are "labeled" with a multitude of descriptions. These descriptions show us what a true mature, loved, and wise woman can look like because we strive to be one. Let's instead label a package and not a one person's ideal of what ladies of distinction with a DIVA mentality ought to be.
LoL... luv u!


Look... no one can imitate what is brought forth in your art, your inspirations, your goals, or even in your life. But, when I kindly say, "Hey this is me. I am happy to share a small part of me and what I am all about."
But then, as soon as I turn my back to give someone else the same gift,
and you feel the need to go ahead and abuse me or whomever you can get to first.
That's when I take back what I thought you might have enjoyed of me (I am part Indian, you know).
Just don't be upset. Because that part I gave you was probably not really what you may had wanted, anyway.
So enjoy this little "part of me". It will be all you will get freely.
Please believe it...

-The beginning of ME!

a side chick

With kind regards,

Lavonia Jean Wilkins (Vasser)