He knows me

We are summoned awake on this day to get ready.
We are to prepare anew for another chance to believe our life is HiS...
and our heart? HIS!

What is love to you..

huh? my name is...


the plot: someone to love the real me...

why I am not...

There are no others. This is the life I have chosen for me. To sabotage you in order to get an instant thrill is why I will say, "NO this time". Can't get ahead if I always say, "yes", now can I?


there are times when I'm sure you are the right one. then there are times, like now, when you know if i don't leave you, i will always feel quilty about the "what ifs". what i mean is, it really can happen. it leaves me with no doubt in my mind about what is true to you or what is true to myself. when the doubt becomes a sure thing. its then a "you know when you know, that you know!" scenario.
anyway, there is no quilt in this process. nothing is hanging around to become attached to this one, believe it. you can and will work it out. it all will become good again. so let it go, please!
... there is not one person on this earth who can understand what I've seen for myself. this has now becomes a just for me "ego" trip.
I'm sorry.

I'm happy, looking good, and I'm glad about it!

A celebration is now in order... Happy Birthday To Me!!!


I mean it's ok...Y.E.S.
How many ways can I say...Y.E.S.
HAPPY Birthday!!!!

now- its- startz-n-me

words are to Express a feeling or to push you for a reaction or even a stand to be still. but in the silence there can not be a word heard when the tongue speaks. it is not only to make a progressive move forward but it's so you will become unique unto yourself. it will happen before you can truly become something else to someone else. now, do not be afraid, this may stop some day.
"when?", you may ask yourself. maybe when you can not figure out what you were before you came into my life. maybe it happened when you decided to obtain something else before you let me go
...just don't do nothing, I will always say to you about myself.
it will never be same again anyway...

i can do u...as you r

there are new dews in the morning mists and stars appears in the night skies.
the questions now becomes "do you know how I look with this outfit on?
how about the shoes?
should I wear them with this outfit?
ok, how about this, my day look?
does my night look meet up to my day look?
what is a night look, anyway?
nothing appears the same to me now.
nothing makes anything feel or look better for me, but you.
your eyes are so different,
you have a different smell every time I see you,
even your kiss tastes different.
maybe it's not me but maybe it's all about you.
maybe this is why you make me feel so out of place.
can you see if you can take me on, I mean as I am?

Lets go, baby!