angelita buenos noche

To draw a conclusion on an already known fact is like telling a bee her body is too big for her wings to fly...

I want u 2 c

In a matter of time...
You know, its forgotten on how many times we try to bring back the good times when we first met.
We try to remember how it was, the time it was, and why we're still are not together.
We get lazy and we fake like we really do care about each other, when we really don't care at all.
Actually, we really don't even want to be bothered by any of it.
We can not even fake like we want to give into it. It takes too much energy and time, if I say so myself.
Now, here is a choice:
We can turned it all around. Our indecisiveness can now become a matter to take another look and then, make a mature decision about our relationship.
It forms a situation, you see. The progression moves instead onto your plate and not mines yet, right?
It's a mishap that has become awry, and we need help. Let's just admit it.
Decisions will now forego into, "Should we try to make it work. I mean, just for ourselves, with no help from others?"
How about, "What can I say to you to make it better?" or " When do you want me to leave if we can not get it together?" Or " Do you want me to stay or not?".
By being still with each other our thought mechanism and our feelings of doubt becomes an obstacle that can not be defeated. We can now arrive on a mutual lane instead of a total collision that has a road block named, " What? Is this our future now?".
This may lead us to suppress the mere thought of the willingness to do anything.
To make it better for the both of us, we need to try and
reveal our ability to think it out so, it will show the truth.
We need this to explain, again to ourselves, what this is really about. Ok?

all chained up

hello my cowboy fans,
let's take a look at what the real west was about and how discrimination only was used when it was needed, in all it's many colors.

is color really important

Love in any shade is to be applauded. It's hard work to be a man a woman in love in a relationship a father a mother a wife a husband a child of the living God. It is a blessing to be alive. So celebrate yourself in loving the one you're with...

and then's him

a well groomed man means that everything in his life . . in complete Devine order.

can you get anything better than that?

(make room to let him in)

bons, bons anyone?


i've been there...


It's an epidemic! So let's safely be healthy and use more wisdom. Be better prepared for anything that may be thrown at us 😷 !!!!