he said, "He would!"

...don't forget about her.
she was the first woman,
the first mom,
she was connected to Adam,
his rib,
all while he slept.

bomb shell


Boot enCampment pq

i've being paid to practice for  the seasonal changes of roles played before. i've become the hunter of this game, you see. I am now looking to cast a new role in this game called "life".

you know what that role is, don't you?

he will call himself ...husband!  

and now the honeymoon ...

it's Eve
...after the leaf came off

...and I said, " I'm sorry but how do you know me, again?"


" He who finds himself a wife, it becomes a good thing, and they both shall obtain Our Lord God Almighty's favor."

Proverbs 18:22


a wedding

death is to be expected when there is no continuation. it's an ending to a beginning that realizes it has to stop. a wish of sorts: it is in death we do not part.

Is this your truth?

Do not rely on the sands of time to pass away for your time here on earth is not guaranteed. 

But instead rely on your own existence. It is the truth that can be foretold as such and then brought into  a true reality check. 

The goal: It is the ability to completely believe that the flight was not the fight.  It is the ability to see self when the motion to soar is to be still.