Aug. 17, 2016

Definition Of Me

"Some words are simple and do not belong in dictionary of your life's history. You may think that words that are funny, sarcastic, immature, or just plain ignorant and has no baring on your life. I advise to never agree to believe that words such as: "dummy", "stupid", "idiot", "cesspool of a bottomless pit", or "crazy" are true. I mean you are human, so sometimes you may think and even say these words to yourself. But you know deep down this is not you or what people may think you are. You have proven this to yourself and to others many times over.
So again, "What you think about yourself will eventually portray to others your truth".
" she or he are like that, huh? I never knew that about them!"
You see, just like that you are labeled or #tagged.
I've heard that the "First impression will always be that - the last impression."
But what I truly believe is: "Whatever comes out one's own mouth, can determine what everyone else will think." Now this will always be true.
So, how about taking one whole day and try to listen to yourself speak to yourself and to others. I mean give yourself 24 hours, please.
And if you should ask, "But how can I do this?"
Try this method: just do not SPEAK."