*Simply You*

Sep. 21, 2020
Feb. 8, 2020

my heart beat is when your eyes are shut wide-opened
my pulse throbs for your lip's first kiss
your gravity pulls me in and has swept me into a heartshaped hemisphere of an exhaled breathe...
i can not wait for the next one coming back in!
love is like that, you see...

Apr. 29, 2019

love me 4 me not because it would be politically correct...

Dec. 23, 2018

Some things are meant to be left behind closed doors. Then there are things that should be shouted out, so it can be heard. This is the struggle that only you can decide if you want to see the change in you. It will occur when everything has been settle in a good place inside yourself. Now what once was, what it was about, how you got there, and finally, how you survived it all, becomes the struggle... it's now real!

Dec. 19, 2018

b-lief in myself...brings the best of me out.

b-lief in the ALL MIGHTY ONE, brings a chance for a revolution that only the strong can survive to reach its fruition.

b-lief  is knowing a brighter day is just ahead.  it may lead to the unknown but who cares, it makes the energy inside us soar.

it is in this b-lief, we can feel the "blood" actually flowing through our veins.  the energy which is made up to produce fear,  happiness, laughter, smiles, and even frowns.

It is in this b-lief, it can  show up in our weakest hour, especially when no one is looking.

It is in this b-lief, an anger that is seen instead of the sorrow;  the mood swings when the tears can not even flow correctly,  and/or  the pure simple depression, when the stillness never moves.


It is the unb-lief that may not change anything foretold.

It is the unb-lief that allows us to do what we can to prove that a lie can be made into a truth.


when we start to read what is truly beneath the lines of b-lief or even the unb-lief, then we can partake on what this year  finally has brought to us on this day.

It is the knowledge we can obtained which would either make us or break us.

It is the decision for this year's resolution that  will eventually decide for us all,  what our futures will be. So,  if we stand still, maybe we can even hear the direction we need to turn to in order to lead us out of our unb-lief. 


It is destructive, when you allow the noise to turn into a cannon ball's roar ...

it may be hard to hear or even hard to  see at first, but it can make a huge impact when finally the target has met its mark.


Happy New Year, everyone!