Aug. 26, 2016

a new day

"free men" means having the ability to walk, to talk, and to be, without being reprimanded on how you expressed yourself out of their bondage.
"free man" means you having the sole reponsibilty of your actions and not having to justify why. you should know... this may have been done before, but who cares, this is your decision.
"free" means being able to get up every day, knowing that only you can decide if you want to walk to the mailbox or not.
to make a decision for yourself (and this not a small feat, you see), you will never have to feel quilty about the decision you had just made.
if there are no bars then why are you frowning and shouting, why not smile'll never know just by your actions alone - a decision has been made on how your "man" will come.