*Simply You*

Dec. 8, 2017

Art is an expression of self. Impressions can reveal the answers that are unknown to any one but you. The ability to interpret this revealing is why we look at all things, such as art, differently. So when we look in the mirror, do we actually see a work of art or do we see a mirror?

Sep. 13, 2017

when we seek answers, we should look back on the question to see why it was even asked.
then, as we contemplate (maybe) we can ask, "what would happen if I had...?"
but as i've stated before even to myself, it's mostly a learned process. it becomes a choice between: " what do i need to make this decision easier for me?" or "how should this question be betrayed about me?"
how about: " if I had only answered it in another way instead, i would not have to make this choice..."?
but the question should really consist of these purposes: "there will be no more questions on this life's journey that i can not have as an answer from the choices given to me ...
and, so by them i can then make it happen from what i think is best for me...
it's my choice, you see!

Mar. 24, 2017

Happy is as Happy does...
What does it take to find the love of your life?
Are you willing to die just to stay together as Romeo and Juliet did years ago?
Would you know how to live for someone other than yourself or even understand how death may be a welcomed relief to a pain that has no end?
To Live?
To Die?
Just wondering...
"What's love got to do with it anyway?"

Dec. 26, 2016

i know now why we sometimes say, "do you want to die?", or "i wish i was dead!".
it would seem that the choices are already made when nothing else seems to fit. i mean, just by knowing that you can take your own life into your hands and claim that this was your decision is unbelievabe onto itself.
but by you taking ownership on your life that had once was a possibility has now become an obligation of one's completion. or maybe it was because something had gone wrong.
no one else can claim or decide how you came about or why you decided to leave this world this way.
although, for myself, i do want to ask you now, "will God love you more when you finally die, because it does become your decision, you see?" or, "do you think that decision was made when your Mother had decided to give you birth instead of death? "