Since we started three years ago, the group has grown a lot and we want you to be apart of it all...

Mrs. Mattie and Lavonia (CEO)

 who needs to seek my hand for a hands-up.

Mr. Obama is now a Honary Member

The 1st Afro-American president for the United Sates of America.

Thank you, Mr. Obama for running this country for 8 consecutive years


He did so without any prejudice.

He did so without portraying himself as a victim but always as a conqueor. This was shown to us over over again.

He was the one that ruled over us mere human beings.

He was able to show us the next step towards our new future, without even missing a beat!



My Parents: here are my Honorary Membership Holders on

"a Goddess' goal" by JEAN'S 👸 membership campaign

These two  humansapiens were the first people who I saw as true role models, you see. It was just myself and my 2 brothers, Jerry Lee, Jr.(deceased), and Frank Bernard.  We  all saw what these two people had brought forth. How they took our young lives and  gave us  total control of our futures or at least  that's what we thought   😳.

Anyway, I am still alive which is a good thing because we did not know what was right or what was wrong right away, you see. We were still filling in  the empty spaces as we went along.

But in the meantime:

we all had learned about family values, to respect one another's property, about love, work ethics, God, reading, writing, and arithmetics, the difference between our diferent skin tones, about religion, our differences in gender, our nationality, our multicultural neighborhods and how to live in one of them, how to live and be in a family owned-business. How to run , create, be producers, comprehend the different languages and how the italics would determine the differences  in each state or country you happen to lived in. How to communicate. When to and how to listen for that sale.

These are some of things we were made to eat on each day, what was necessary to hustle for more of, what to leave alone, and when you have survived on nothing else. How these lessons even now when nothing else will work can keep you reaching up for another day!

I like to introduce, my number 1 and my number 2 Honorary Members:

Mr and Mrs Jerry L Wilkins, Sr.